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If you are generating high-quality home improvement leads, you are welcomed to our marketplace to sell your data. You need to create a stripe account for payout. Since our system is secured and easy-to-use, you can conveniently upload large amount of data.

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When you obtain a business opportunity that you can't use, you usually just move on to the next call. But what if other people were looking for that exact opportunity?

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Leadsack is a lead generation marketplace where people are constantly looking for new opportunities in tons of different industries across the U.S.

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When a sales opportunity doesn't apply to your normal business why not sell the lead that would otherwise be lost. Leadsack helps your peers and puts cash in your pocket.

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What kind of opportunities can I post?

Monetize your time and pay it forward! Help useful sales data find its way to the right buyer. When posting a lead, it's important to be as honest and detailed as possible - part of the premise of Leadsack is the old adage, "one person's trash is another's treasure."

Example: You may be selling software but you find out your client needs new office space. You can't sell office space but there are a lot of people out there that do and would find that information valuable. Sell that lead in the Leadsack marketplace.